Friday June 14, 2024
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Online Loan FAQS

1. What type of loans can I apply for online?

You can apply for different types of loan including Home Loan, Personal Loan, Hire Purchase/Auto Loan, Business Loan.

2. Am I eligible to apply for loan online?

All Nepali citizen above 20 years of age can apply for the loan.

3. How much can I apply for?

You can apply for the loan limit you required.

4. When will I receive decision on the application?

You will be contacted by bank official same day you applied for the loan.

5. When will I receive my loan funds?

If you submit entire valid documents required for the loan as per checklist, you will be provided loan funds within 7 days.

6. Where will be my loan account opened?

You can choose the nearest branch on your comfort, else, we will locate nearest branch based on your address.

7.What loan interest would I be charged?

Interest rate will be decided after analyzing your loan proposal, It also differs according to the loan you have applied for.Our interest rate can be reviewed in our web-page through

8. Do I need to pay additional charges if I apply for loan online?

Applying for a loan online does not bear you any cost. However after your loan proposal is approved, you have to pay a service charge of 1% of approved loan limit.

9. What documents are needed when applying for loan online? Do I need to visit branch to submit the documents again?

You can attach scanned copies of your documents as per checklist on loan application and wait for the Bank to contact you.

10. Why have I been declined?

You will be contacted before we decline your loan proposal.

11.Can I re- apply?

Yes, you can.

12. Can I apply for more than one kind of loan at the same time?

Yes, you can. For that you have to re-apply the loan under different products.

13. Who do I contact if I have any queries in relation to my loan application?

You can contact Bank's Central Office through 01- 4168683 or Toll Free No: 1660014999 and place your queries.