Thursday July 18, 2024
वि.सं २०८१ साउन ०३ बिहिबार
European Microfinance Award

Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited (MNBBL) in line with the principle '' जनता बैंकमा होइन, बैंक जनतामा जानु पर्दछ'' or “People do not come to Bank, Bank should go to them” is providing full banking services to the population of the country. The Bank with the guiding principal focused on financial inclusion and sustainable growth of rural economy.

MNBBL is one of the first banks in Nepal to identify customers residing in rural geographies as a potential market segment. With a motive to promote financial inclusion in unbanked and underbanked areas it established Inclusive Banking (IB) Department. Inclusive banking is an attempt aimed at taking the banking services to customers who hitherto did not benefit from banking system as a whole and were dependent on non-banking and non-formal financing options. IB as erstwhile Small and Micro Banking (SMB) had come a long way from its inception as microfinance department in the MNBBL. Today the department boost more than 500 employees and contributing more than 36% of its total loan portfolio. From the humble beginning of per customer loan ticket size of NPR 1,000 from todays per customer ticket size of up to NPR 5 Million.

The department develop innovative financial products and services to meet the requirements of the communities and targeted market segments. The Bank is offering wide range of financial products and services to this segment supported by access through multiple channels, digital solutions and strategic partnerships.

Under the Inclusive Banking (IB) services of the bank, it includes following five types of services:-