Thursday July 18, 2024
वि.सं २०८१ साउन ०३ बिहिबार
European Microfinance Award


Interest Rate:  Base Rate + upto 6.00% premium per annum


The loan is to facilitate purchase of the Brand New/Second Hand private vehicles. This loan can be facilitated for the financing requirement on such purchase up to 50% of invoice price or valuation amount or FMV in case of second hand vehicle. The repayment method of the loan is monthly EMI basis and the loan tenure is up to 7 years.


  • Passport size photographs of Applicant
  • Applicant’s Citizenship certificate
  • Certified income source
  • Photographs and Citizenship certificate of Guarantors
  • Quotation of vehicle from authorized dealer
  • Updated Blue Book in case of second hand vehicle
  • Other supporting documents on demand

Fee Charges

  • Administrative Charge – 1 %
  • CIC Charge – Rs. 250 per inquiry (For No Transaction Report)
  • Rs. 550 per inquiry (For Transaction Report)