Thursday July 18, 2024
वि.सं २०८१ साउन ०३ बिहिबार
European Microfinance Award

1. Report a lost or stolen card

If your ATM card is missing, report it immediately to your nearest branch or contacting our Digital Banking Unit @ 9802306889.

2. Dispute resolution

Bank is committed to provide high level of uninterrupted service to our valued customers. But sometimes disputes may arise due to many circumstances. We always do our best to minimize the disputes. Disputes may arise due to the following reasons:

2.1 Fund transfer to wrong account

When customer transfers fund to wrong account, the customer should provide a written request to the Bank. The Bank then may proceed accordingly and will hold the amount from the destination account. And if the case is genuine, the Bank will reverse the transaction only after taking the written consent for the account holder of destination account.

2.2 Transaction failure but account debited case

In cases when the transaction was failed but the amount is debited from the account, account holder should provide a written request to the Bank. Bank will try the resolve the case as soon as possible but when the third party transaction occurs, Bank will act as a mediator and may take few days to settle the transaction.  
3. Tap and Pay transactions limit = Rs.5000

4. Activation of Mobile Banking Service: To activate mobile banking service, please follow below steps:

  • Tap to Unable to Login in mobile banking app
  • Select Not Activated yet
  • Then select Activate Service
  • Input required information and set Password and PIN, now mobile banking service is activated

5. Forgot Password: If log in password of mobile banking is forgot, New password can be set with option “Forgot Password” displayed in log in page of app. Input your information and new password can be set easily.

6. Change of Mobile Device: If mobile device is changed then mobile banking service can be logged in new device too by authorizing the respective device from customer’s end.

7. Trouble in receiving transaction alerts and OTPs: SMS can sometimes get blocked from device. To check if SMS has been blocked, please look into SMS setting → Spam & Block. If found, please clear the data.

8. Permission not granted: App needs to access Gallery, contact, camera to make the transaction more smooth and efficient. If error response “Permission not Granted” pops up, please manage access via device setting. 

9. Schedule payment: Schedule Payment service facilitates customer to make auto payment at the desired time. Schedule payment can be activated through following process:

  • Select Schedule Payment option in mobile banking app
  • Then add desired transaction type i.e. Payment or fund transfer
  • Input required field and amount and save to activate Schedule Payment
  • Multiple Schedule payment can be added too as per requirement

      *Schedule payment can be edited or disabled at any time by modifying the respective schedule payment

10. Transaction Feature not available: If error response “Transaction Feature not available” pops up while trying for transactions, then to avail transaction feature, customer must visit nearest branch.

11. Account Debited but not credited to beneficiary account: Contact Digital Banking support center and easily know current transaction status from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM-9802306889.

12. ATM card gets blocked with attempt of wrong PIN three times and to unblock card holder must visit nearest branch and request to unblock card.

13. Ecommerce in VISA Debit Card enables to make online payment with Nepal, India and Bhutan.

14. International Ecommerce Card (prepaid Dollar card) enables to make international online payment with limit of $500 per year.

15. ATM Transaction Dispute: If withdraw of cash through ATM card does not get successful but amount is deducted, please mail to with complete information. Our team will acknowledge and will proceed for the settlement as early as possible.

*If there occurs any problem, please visit nearest branch for further support.