Monday May 27, 2024
वि.सं २०८१ जेठ १४ सोमबार
Global Alliance for Banking on Values European Microfinance Award


  • The interest rate will be as prescribed by the bank from time to time.
  • 48 hours processing time for Loan after submission of all documents.
  • Interest Rate:  Base Rate + up to 6.00%  premium per annum


It is Short Term Loan. Under this loan, shares of Companies listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange can be placed as securities to meet various requirements or shares of other listed Companies. The loan will be provided for purchase although the borrower is open about the purchase of the loan the announcement will have to be made and the bank will have to approve the purpose. The loan amount under this loan will be up to a maximum of Rs. 20 crores /- The term of the share loan will be 1 year, although satisfactory in the past and renewal can be modified on the basis of usage


  • Copy of Citizenship Certificate
  • Complete Loan Application Form
  • Complete Know Your Customer(KYC) form
  • Recently Taken passport size photo of the debtor and the householder
  • Map of the residence of the debtor and the householder
  • Copy of citizenship of the debtor and the householder
  • Gross share certificate
  • DMAT statement
  • PAN Card

Fee Charges

  • The service fee will be 1.00% and the loan will be determined at the time of loan approval.