Sunday August 18,2019
वि.सं २०७६ भदौ ०१ अाईतबार

MNBBL has developed loan products to meet financial demand of borrowers. Bank provides group based (Collateral Free) and collateral based (Individual) loans to needy clients.Following are the current loan products offered under microfinance program of the bank:



This is basic loan for MNBBL microfinance clients. This loan is provided for income generating activities only. When a new client enrolls in the microfinance program, she is eligible for this loan maximum up to NRs. 100,000.00 (Approximately 1000.00 US$). Then after the loan amount can be increased up to NRs. 50,000.00 in each cycle of new loan. It can be disbursed up to NRs. 300,000.00.

This loan is an incentive loan to the clients who have been maintaining good track record and completed one cycle of general loan are eligible to borrow Goodwill Member Loan. This loan facility is provided to promote the existing business. Borrower can take these loan facilities of NRs 100,000.00 for first time, NRs. 200,000.00 from second time and not exceeding NRs. 300,000.00 (including general loan) from third time and above.

Energy Loan is designed to meet the demand of borrowers who intends to install Solar Home System, Solar Cooker, Solar Dryer, Solar Pump, Bio-gas, Improved Water Mill, Improved Cook Stoves and purchases parts for Wind Energy and Micro Hydro Project. The bank expects to contribute on clean and green environment through Energy Loan.

Maximum ceiling of Energy Loan is NRs. 150,000.00.

​A client who has to encounter with sudden unexpected expenses and if she will not expend; she would loss her current business; in such condition, the client can get Emergency Loan. The loan can be demanded at branch office. Branch Manager analyses the genuineness of the case and approves accordingly.

Emergency Loan can be disbursed up to NRs. 20,000.00.

This loan is provided to the clients who are willing to improve their agricultural business. The scope of this loan is help the clients to buy their required agricultural tools. This loan can be disbursed starting from NRs. 20,000.00 up to NRs. 100,000.00 in first cycle. Maximum ceiling of this loan is NRs. 150,000.00.



This product is designed for startup and enhancement of microenterprises. Collateral is mandatory for microenterprises loan.  Maximum ceiling of microenterprise loan is up to NRs. 10,00,000.00.

Poor people also have dream to have own house even it is small which creates dignity in the society. Bank is trying to provide need based Homestead Loan to repair or build new house as per their affordability.Bank provides Homestead Loan up to NRs. 100,000.00 on group based (Collateral Free) and it can be lend upto NRs. 400,000.00 on collateral basis.

Remittance is being back bone of Nepalese economy. Economically active people are migrating abroad (especially in the Gulf Countries) to earn money for economic betterment. Even bank will not provide loans to migrant workers, they take loan from informal money lenders in higher interest rate. So, bank is trying to provide easy loan to migrant workers on affordable price.

Bank lends Foreign Employment Loan up to NRs. 150,000.00

S. No. Loan Products Loan Size (NRs.) Loan Duration Interest Rate (Declining Basis) Services Charge Loan Security Fee
1. Group Based Loan
1.1 General Loan Up to 700,000 Up to 2 Yrs. 16.5% 2% 1%
1.2 Sum of General and Goodwill Loan Up to 700,000 Up to 2 Yrs. 16.5% 2 % 1%
1.3 Energy Loan Up to 300,000 Up to 3 Yrs. 16% 2% 1%
1.4 Emergency Loan Up to 20,000 Up to 1 Yrs. 16.5% 2% 1%
1.5 Homestead Loan Up to 1,000,000 Up to 5 Yrs. 15.5% 2% 1%
1.6 Improving Agriculture Loan Up to 200,000 Up to 1 Yr 16% 0.5% 1%
1.7 Individual Micro Enterprise Loan Up to 700,000 Up to 1 Yr 16.5% 2% 1%
2. Collateral Based Loan
2.1 Microenterprises Loan Up to 1,000,000 Up to 5 Yrs. 15.5% 2% NA
2.2 Homestead Loan 1,000,000 Up to 5 Yrs. 15.5% 2% NA
2.3 Foreign Employment Loan Up to 150,000 Up to 3 Yrs. 15.5% 2% NA